What are the features of Sahara Easynet?

Sahara net to open the competition door between the ISP’s to provide quality service, which is the end User behalf. Sahara Easynet features are the following: 
1. Easy to use, without complicating and will save the User time. 
2. Competitive pricing - 3 Riyals per hour (5 Hallals per minute). 
3. Unlimited time to use the Internet. 
4. No need to worry about the Expiry Date of the Internet account anymore. 
5. The ISP’s will compete to gain the loyalty of the User by improving the service from the aspects of the Quality, Content and Added services. 
6. Connecting to Internet in matter of seconds without the need to buy the regular Internet account. 
7. Payment will go thru one party that STC Phone bill.

Customer Care Number: 920015999