What are the types of website hosting?

There are two types of Hosting:


Shared Hosting (Virtual Hosting):

Shared (or virtual) web hosting is the most fitting way of hosting for 99% of 
websites. It means that a web hosting company will have one or more servers 
(computers constantly connected to the Internet that run a web server software 
such as Apache or IIS) that will be running multiple websites (it will be 
shared). Unless a website is exceptionally busy or requires a lot of bandwidth and resources, 
this is the least expensive way to go to get a real website. You can still have 
your own IP address with virtual hosting and the site won't look any different 
to users. Other options are dedicated, co-location, or doing it yourself web 
hosting. In those options you own the whole computer (server) by yourself and you can do 
things like install your own software.


Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, 
state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from a hosting service provider. 
Instead of simply sharing server space on a virtual server, dedicated hosting 
gives you the opportunity to lease an entire server for your own exclusive use.

Dedicated hosting is more desirable for users with more sophisticated needs, 
since it permits the deployment of more complex applications, as such databases, 
streaming media, and high-end e-mail solutions. Dedicated hosting solutions also 
have the ability to host multiple sites on one machine. Such solutions are 
usually provided on a world-class network connection, and include 24x7 
monitoring of the server and network

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