What are the requirements for domain name registration?

The Applicant or the requester contact should submit a domain name Application form (by email or fax) to Sahara Net addressed to SaudiNIC. 
The Applicant should submit an Official letter (by mail or fax) to Sahara Net addressed to SaudiNIC of the request to register the domain(s) and of appointing Sahara Net as your ISP for this domain. 
For-profit entities requesting names under the "com.sa", "edu.sa", “sch.sa”, “med.sa”, or "net.sa" domains should submit (by mail or fax) a copy of their Legal documents. For personal names under "pub.sa", a copy of the Applicant’s Civil Affairs ID card is required. 
For registering any trademark or trade name a copy of the registration with the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia is needed. 
Domain name requests are kept in a pending state until all the requirements are received from the Applicant and/or the Requester within three weeks from the reception date. If no such requirements are submitted within this period, SaudiNIC will contact the Applicant or the Requester asking them to complete their request. If nothing is received within a week, SaudiNIC will reject the request and drop it from the queue.

Customer Care Number: 920015999