Sahara Net passes quality tests ISO 9001

Sahara Net passes quality tests ISO 9001

Sahara Net have passed last week quality tests ISO 9001 and it is entitled to be the first internet provider in Saudi market who obtain ISO certificate which requires to reach high levels of auditing on all internal and external procedures of the company to assure that the company is able to provide best services in supplying, installing, operating, maintaining, managing internet services and equipments, technical solutions related to it, telecommunication solutions, information security, proficiency, telecommunication networks, infrastructures, hosting websites, SMS services and all integrated technical solutions for companies and individuals.   


The CEO of Sahara Net Mr. Haitham Abu Aisha confirmed that obtaining ISO certificate is the cornerstone of huge achievements in Saudi market and this is an indication to service quality in which Sahara Net is proud to provide it to its customers since more than 20 years full of precession and achievements.


From the other side, the CAO of Sahara Net Mr. Mohammed Alamad said that obtaining this certificate will give the working team more responsibilities by Saudi market who always seeks to reach high levels of quality especially in the field of technical solutions in order to obtain the required quality levels. Mr. Al-Essa confirmed that his company has the ability to resume its leadership in serving business sector. 

It is important to say that Sahara Net was established in 1989, and since this year it provides the Saudi market with everything new in the field of technical solutions which aims to accelerate the development of national companies and to save more time, effort, money and to reach excellent productive levels through pure national vision.

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