ICANN selects Sahara Net to host DNS Root Server

ICANN selects Sahara Net to host DNS Root Server

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the body responsible for the domain names world-wide as well as the stability of DNS Servers, selected Sahara Net to host a copy of its DNS Root Server. Work on this DNS Root Server was completed this October making it the 1st DNS Root Server in Saudi Arabia.

 Hosting of this server in Saudi Arabia is a big event as it is the 1st DNS Root Server and the only so far. The existence of this server provides the Internet community with better Internet browsing performance. It also helps reduce fears of interruptions as a result of submarine cable cuts. The Root Server hosted in Sahara Net data center is publicly available to all internet users in Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Kais Al Essa, the Operations Director of Sahara Net emphasized that such a pioneering step will improve overall Internet experience in Saudi Arabia. He also said that he is proud that ICANN chose Sahara Net to host the 1st and only DNS Root Server in Saudi Arabia which is further evidence of Sahara Net’s lead in the hosting market. Eng. Kais also added: “This Root Server is our gift to the Internet community in Saudi Arabia towards a more robust and reliable Internet experience for all.”

Sahara Net (www.sahara.com) is a leading ISP and the largest hosting provider in Saudi Arabia. It was established back in 1994. Today, Sahara Net provides its customers with many connectivity and hosting professional services through its branches all over the Kingdom.

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