Sahara Net Fastest ISP in the Arab World

Sahara Net Fastest ISP in the Arab World

Internet users consider and as the most trustworthy services to test the speed and quality of their Internet connection. Ookla, the owner of these sites, recently launched a new web site which summarizes the results obtained from all speed tests worldwide.


Based on over 1 Billion speed tests world wide,, has published its July 2010 report.

In this report, Saudi Arabia was ranked in 71st place among all countries. Tests from 1,047,838 unique IPs have been taken in this country. The report classified the best three ISPs in Saudi Arabia as follows:

1. "Sahara Net" with an average speed per user of 4.13 Mbps.

2. "Saudi Net", Saudi Telecom Co. with an average of 3.94 Mbps.

3. "Etihad Etisalat" (Mobily) with an average of 3 Mbps.

Qatar ranked in 78th place with an average of 2.94 Mbps. Jordan ranked 122nd place with an average of 1.59 Mbps. Wi-Tribe was ranked as the best provider with an average of 1.66 Mbps. Egypt ranked in the 137th place with an average of 1.09 Mbps per user. Raya Telecom was the best with an average of 2.68 Mbps per user.

The Arab region still lacks behind developed countries in broadband availability and capacity. The same report shows that the European Union countries provide an average of 10.56 Mbps for each user, while the USA provides an average of 10.01 Mbps per user and Russia provides an average of 10 Mbps per user. These averages are 2.8 times the Saudi average, 3.4 times the Qatary average, and over 6 times over the Jordanian average.

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