Compensating users with free days

Compensating users with free days

Sahara Net apologizes to its customers for the ADSL problems that affected all users during the past 2 days. The problem was caused due to STC core switch failure. It was rectified by STC after mutual efforts from both sides. Because Sahara Net cares for its customers and their best interest, we have added 2 days free compensation to all affected customers.

We assure you of best services as always and we will ensure that such problems don't occur again inshallah.

We have also added a new feature to our website to allow users to sign-up for sms and e-mail updates. You will find it under the (Be Notified) section in the website (see the picture below). Sahara Net encourage the users to sign-up with their mobile numbers and emails in roder to receive notifications about network failures, planned upgrades or new prices..etc.

Click on subscribe.

Customer Care Number: 920015999